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Precision Farming

Our services for the agriculture of the future: development of customised control and remote graphic interfaces for various Implement families.

What is Precision Farming?

Precision Farming is an agricultural management concept based on the observation and measurement of a field variability, and the response to the same.

The goal is to establish a decision support system (DSS) for the farm’s entire management, with the aim of optimising returns by reducing the number of resources invested.

The advent of electronic systems installed on-board agricultural machinery has allowed for the efficiency and precision of the work activities to be improved over the years.

One critical problem lay in the fact that, up until just recently, the manufacturers of these technologies tended to develop proprietary solutions, with specific wiring harnesses and adaptors for each tractor/implement combination utilised, thus making instrument interoperability problematic, and preventing the widespread use of the relative functions.


All the advantages of ISOBUS in the field of Precision Farming Technology

ISOBUS simplifies Precision Farming Technology applications by offering a standard plug & play solution: a single terminal (Virtual Terminal) for every implement, regardless of its manufacturer, and a single communication network between the implements and the tractor itself.

All the necessary signals are thus available in a standardised format for every vehicle.

Precision Farming solutions designed for you

We offer dedicated consultancy in the field of Precision Farming, and ISOBUS in particular, as well as specific support for the creation of complete ISOBUS systems on board the client’s vehicles.

Our activities include:

  • The use of our proprietary ISOBUS Stack (both Client and Server)
  • The creation of implement control graphic interfaces (Object Pools – OPs) for the most popular Virtual Terminals on the market
  • ISOBUS Control Unit Hardware and Software Design
  • TECU (Class 2 and Class 3) Hardware and Software Design, in accordance with the Safety requirements and the AEF guidelines for Tractor Implement Management (TIM)
  • Support for ISOBUS Certification using AEF certified laboratories
  • Support for the creation of wiring specifications, in accordance with ISO 11783-2

All the benefits that ISOBUS offers for Precision Farming

ISOBUS simplifies Precision Farming applications by offering a standard plug&play solution that guarantees high levels of machine automation.

This allows any connected implement, by any manufacturer, to be monitored and controlled from a single terminal. In fact, there’s just one communication network between implements and the tractor.

ISOBUS offers the following main benefits:

  • Reuse of ECU/Monitor/Implements: An ISOBUS implement or ISOBUS monitor can be used with any ISOBUS tractor, and vice versa;
  • Simplified wiring: all the ISOBUS information is transmitted through a single standard connector;
  • High levels of machine automation: ISOBUS standardises machine automations, making it easier to implement complex automations by standardising cab controls and implement functions;
  • Precision agriculture: thanks to the ISOBUS Task Controller application, variable rate work operations can be performed based on GPS and prescription maps;
  • Use of all information on-board the machine, with no need for any additional sensors;
  • The system provides for long-term savings.

Are you interested in a Precision Farming project using the ISOBUS system? Contact us to tell us what you need.