Este Technology

Our company operates nationwide, offering advanced Engineering solutions for all major market sectors, with a primary focus on the Automotive, Agricultural, Heavy-Duty and Industrial sectors.

Our work begins with the client and their specific needs, which we always strive to satisfy by involving specialised internal teams.

In addition to the design, development and supply of dedicated hardware and software solutions, we also provide ongoing technical support until the required results are achieved.

Our services

Remote support

Provision of various levels of information in support of real everyday experiences: solutions for Manuals, Diagnostics and Repair, Design, Industrial Training, Marketing and Communication Support.


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Functional Safety

In the Automotive (ISO-26262), Agricultural (ISO-25119/4254) and Heavy-Duty (ISO-13849/19014) sectors: safety analyses, writing of software requirements, software development in compliance with the required SRL, and creation of supporting documentation for the entire Safety Plan.

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Functional Safety

In ambito Automotive (ISO-26262), Agricultural (ISO-25119/4254) e Heavy-Duty (ISO-13849/19014): analisi di sicurezza, scrittura requisiti, sviluppo Sw conforme al SRL richiesto e creazione documentazione a corredo di tutto il percorso il Safety Plan.

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Precision Farming ISOBUS

Per l’agricoltura del futuro: sviluppo di interfacce grafiche di controllo e remotazione customizzate per diverse famiglie di Implement.


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On-Board Diagnostic

Per reti CAN BUS: sviluppo strumenti di interfaccia tra l’utente e il veicolo (J1939, UDS, KWP2000) ed esecuzione test su veicolo.


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Supporto remoto

Come sovrapposizione di livelli informativi all’esperienza reale di tutti i giorni: soluzioni per Manualistica, Diagnosi e riparazione, Progettazione, Formazione Industriale, Supporto a Marketing e Comunicazione.


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“The only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to learn and change faster than others.”

Philip Kotler

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