About us

Este Technology was established in Ferrara in 2012 following a meeting held between a group of entrepreneurs and researchers from the IMAMOTER Institute, the National Research Council, and the University of Ferrara.

The common goal was to bring together their experiences in various academic and professional fields in order to lay the groundwork for a new entrepreneurial challenge.

Today, that challenge has been overcome: Este Technology is an independent company that operates throughout Italy, offering services ranging from hardware and software design, to the most advanced On-Board Diagnostic, Functional Safety, and Precision Farming systems, to name just a few.
Our mission is to offer concrete applications based on the very best Italian research, developing, testing and certifying hi-tech control systems for all our clients.
Since 2017, Este Technology has also been a partner of the Laboratory of Micro and Submicro Enabling Technologies of Emilia-Romagna MIST E-R s.c.r.l.