E.S.T.E.  has specialised in custom software development according on the client need. Thanks to our professionality and our application development quality, we have become a reference point for large companies. 

Our application field:


PC Software


Embedded Firmware

We specialize in Embedded Firmware development and in project management based on Programmable Hardware.

We handle of the entire project productive chain: from the BSP definition to the control logic development. We develop firmware which adopt standard coding rules; all these are guaranteed by the use of tools for static code analysis which enable to assess the compliant of the sources to MISRA-C guidelines. 

For project characterised by high complexity logic, we use design model-based tools for the automatic code generation conforming with AUTOSAR.

Microcontroller families

PC Software

In order to allow the interaction between client and elettronic control unit, we realize GUI (Graphical User Interface) able to manage and simplify their post production.

This graphic interface allow the client to:

    • Update software of the control unit.
    • Simulate the enviroment in which they are to be installed.
    • Diagnose active failure.
    • Setting up the parameter according to the final usage.


We use a commercial standard peripheral to interface PC to the control unit, but before we customize it through ad hoc driver creation .

Supported Operating System

Mobile App

Using Mobile device is possible to connect a  elettronic central unit very difficult to reach by cable and physical connection.

For this reason, we develop a lot of native application that are able to interface Smartphone and Tablet to the elettronic central unit in order to:

    • Send remote activation/deactivation command
    • Real-Time functional device analysis in order to prevent failure.
    • Diagnose active failure and read old failure that are saved in memory.



Supported Platform