Precision Farming is a new agricultural management concept based on observation, measurement and response to field variability. The goal is to define a Decision Support System (DSS) for the entire farm management with the aim of optimizing yields, reducing the number of resources invested.

With new elettronic systems on board agricultural machinery could be improve both efficiency and machine accuracy but each manufacturer has developed proprietary solution (cables, cable connectors, terminals) making it difficult or even impossible the tools interoperability and avoiding the functions expansion.

ISOBUS allow to simplify everything; it offer a standard Plug&Play solution: a single terminal (Virtual Terminal) for each implement, “Irrespective of the producers” and a single communication network between tractor and implements. Any signals are available as a standard signals for each implement.

Our skills

Our ISOBUS experience is such that guarantee first-choice consulting services to the client, like:

  • Use of our ISOBUS proprietary stack (Client and Server);
  • Creation of graphic implement control interface (OP – Object Pool) for the principals Virtual Terminals on the market;
  • Design Hardware and Software for ISOBUS control unit;
  • Design Hardware and Software TECU ( Category 2, Category 3), according to Safety requirements, TIM and AEF guidelines;
  • ISOBUS certification support through AEF certified laboratories
  • Support of realization of cabling specifications compliant with ISO 11783-2.