On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) is the vehicle ability to do self-diagnosis and reveal error or malfunction. OBD system provide the access of the subsystems through use the vehicular network CAN by the vehicle owner or specialist technician: the high diagnostics information availability and the standard error code reports (DTC) enable to find failure quickly and correct them directly from the vehicle.

With the principal CAN intefaces on the market, we are able to analyze data vehicle and make functional debug of all vehicle ECU.

Our skills

Our skills allow us to:

    • Develop diagnostic PC tools which are able to interface with ECU for detecting fault and show main signals generated by vehicle;
    • Implement and specialize Unified Diagnostic Service (UDS or KWP2000);
    • Realize PC application which are able to simulate CAN network into which the ECU will be installed;
    • Realize CAPL panels (language by Vector Informatik) for automatic tests generation which are able to verify the correct answer from the ECU to specific input.



Used interfaces