Internet of Things (IoT) is networking of device of any kind (even called “connected devices” or “smart devices”) like vehicles, building, embedded system, phone, sensors, actuators, ecc.. which allow to store and share data on the Internet.

IoT enables to find and control remote devices throught the use of existing network infrastructures; this creates opportunity for direct integration with the world by improving efficency and precision as well as reducing cost and human activity.

The new frontier

IoT is about to establish itself even in agricultur world as well as in automotive world, because of that we have decide to develop an our innovative solution which are able to interface vehicle CAN network with the world.

This innovative device is called ECG – Este Can Gateway.

ECG - Este Can Gateway

ECG is a device which deliver CAN data to next generation IT tools like computer, smartphone or directly to the Internet.

ECG was realize to be highly customizable. Depending on the client needs we are able to connect to different network like WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, ecc. or to specialize application software in order to perform preliminary tasks on acquired message before redirect to extern network.

Today ECG is available in two version: USB and Wireless.

Post Production

  • Remote management of licenses and applications
  • Updating the control units
  • End-of-line Configuration
  • Electrical Testing
  • Diagnostics

Remote Control

  • Using Smartphone/Tablet as Virtual Terminal
  • Safety Compliant Actuator Control
  • Charging connected device


Remote Diagnostic

  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Fleet Management


Industrial Area

ECG is not only usable in agriculture, but also in industry and manufacturing. The easy customization of the device allows to manage large amounts of information in a customized way according to the customer's needs.

Optimising production processes by bringing efficiency and greater visibility to every link in the supply chain, guarantees multi-directional communication within all processes. All this is possible thanks to Este Can Gateway, in particular:

  • Direct data visualization
  • Remote data visualization
  • Big Data Real-Time Analysis


Direct data visualization

  • Preventive Diagnosis
  • Immediate Intervention

Remote data visualization

  • Storing information
  • Remote analysis


Big Data Real-Time Analysis

  • Maintenance service
  • Local data storage