In an elettronic system, Functional Safety is the activation of protective or corrective standard following the individuation of a potential risk condition by lowering the danger of an unwanted event. Our experience allow us to improve know-how about Functional Safety, in particulary:

  • Safety of Machinery ISO 13849/ Eart-Moving Machinery ISO 19014
  • Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry ISO 25119 / Agricultural machinery ISO 4254

Certification Exida
Functional Safety Agricultural Practitioner

Our skills

From a required Performance Level (PL) and starting with Functional system analysis, we are able to:

  • Identify a risk and draw up the functional security requirement;
  • Design all the hardware and software architecture of the system and components;
  • Outline the diagnosis measure and fault prevention;
  • Develop the software application compliant with the required Software Requirement Level (SRL);
  • Perform functional safety tests and validation;
  • Realize the Safety Manual and all the documentations required.

Our successes:

Electronically controlled proportional valve with flow rate control

Multi-ECU system for Telehandler